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Vicky Sweetlove international dowser, professional dowserAs an professional International Dowser Vicky is registered with the British Society of Dowsers www.britishdowsers.org and provides a range of Dowsing Consultation services to Homes, Farms, Businesses and individuals, from Divining for water, earth energies, working on archaeological sites and health dowsing.  Being within easy reach of London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Kent, Surrey and Sussex and willing to travel all over the UK, Europe and the World with her work.

Vicky teaches British Society of Dowsers courses in London, UK, Spain, France, Slovenia, Turkey and the USA. She is also a qualified Feng Shui consultant www.fengshuilife.co.uk teaching Feng Shui courses and carrying out Feng Shui consultations. As well as being a Shaman www.vickysweetlove.com working with the land and teaching Shamanic courses.

She has been involved in working on many water dowsing projects with artists in and around the London area as live art and dowsed six of the old rivers of London as well as working with businesses and homes requiring her services to locate leaking water pipes, finding water for animals, golf courses and water sources for central heating companies.

Vicky is very successful in working with the Energies of homes and offices to change the environments to being happy and healthy environments in which to live and work. She has changed the energy in many places from negative to positive and brought success to many people through her work and her teaching.

Dowsing for Health is a big topic, as many people become ill with man made energies such as wifi and wireless phones and microwaves bombarding our bodies on a daily basis. Vicky carries out a Healthy Home Survey to include Geopathic Stress, dowsing of earth energies as well as Technopathic Stress. She is a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association www.bcma.co.uk as well as the International Association of Health Dowsers www.healthdowsers.org

Book your consultation now with Vicky or call to see how she can help you mob: 07885 945008 email: vickysweetlove@internationaldowser.com send an email with your enquiry.


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