Auric Field Balancing

Using crystals for healing is an ancient practice going back to the time of Atlantis. Throughout history Aborigines, native American Indians and natural healers have used crystals and treasured their healing properties.

Crystal healing uses the natural energy of the gemstones to have a positive influence on your auric field and your chakras. Using visualisation, and relaxation techniques Vicky will use the crystals to cleanse and attune the body to the needs that you require at the current time in your life. During the crystal healing Vicky will unblock stuck energies, heal the aura, balance the chakras and heal past lives. Vicky will also clear attachments and negative energies which have attached themselves to the body when the body has been ill, when there are holes in the aura from traumas to the body from accidents and surgery.

Crystals can help to unblock stuck energy, and if you suffer from persistent illness, unhappiness and lack of enthusiasm. Crystals can balance the energies of the body and the emotions to help heal itself.

Vicky works on twelve chakras including the Earth Star, the Causal, Soul Star and the Stellar Gateway to help you to ground yourself to the Earth and connect to the universe through the Stellar Gateway to the 9th Chakra located between the throat and the heart chakra and the colour here is turquoise. Making this connection opens up synchronicities and opportunities to you in your life through listening to your higher self.

To book an Auric Field Balance with Vicky £65/hr tel: 01279 654129 mobile: 07885 945008 or email Vicky.

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