Chakra Balancing

The chakras are the seven energy centres in our bodies and each chakra is related to a particular colour. If this chakra is out of balance using a crystal of that chakra’s colour can bring it back into balance again i.e the heart chakra is related to the colours of green and pink. An example of crystals to be used would be green aventurine or rose quartz.

Balancing our chakras brings total well-being physically, emotionally and mentally, making us feel calm, happy and energised.

When the chakras are out of alignment, crystals can be used to bring them back into harmony. Vicky uses various crystal grids in her healing to align the energies of the body to work in harmony once again. A crystal healing chakra balancing which will take approximately 1-1½ hours.

Vicky works on twelve chakras including the Earth Star, the Causal, Soul Star and the Stellar Gateway to help you to ground yourself to the Earth and connect to the universe through the Stellar Gateway to the 9th Chakra located between the throat and the heart chakra and the colour here is turquoise. Making this connection opens up synchronicities and opportunities to you in your life through listening to your higher self.

To book a Chakra Balancing with Vicky £65/hr tel: 01279 654129 mobile: 07885 945008 or email Vicky.

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