Energy Clearing and Remote Dowsing

Have you ever felt when you have visited a home that the energy in that house just wasn’t very nice, or you went into a sacred place like a church and thought the space would make you feel good and you felt worse when you left than when you went in.

These places where the energy is not so nice can be affected by people’s thoughts, predecessor energy from people who had negative thoughts and bad luck, maybe went through divorce, ill health or bankruptcy. This energy can stay in the building and remain as a continuous negative energy unless it is changed by Space Clearing.

The emotions we feel on a day to day basis become imprinted into the places we work and live if this happy and good then the place and home will be a happy environment where people like to be. If the emotional imprint is sad then this too can make the inhabitants of that place sad as well.

We all have sad and happy moments in our lives and it is well to realise that we should cleanse the energy of our homes as often as we duster and hoover our homes and open all the windows as we do it.

It is imperative that when there has been illness or a death in the family, or a break up in our relationships or a trauma of losing a job that we clear that imprint from our homes to bring in fresh new energy to allow ourselves to go forward with new positive thoughts for a new job, better health, happy relationships and children if that’s what you wish to create.

Also when there is a build up of negative energy geopathic stress can occur and spirits and ghosts can be drawn to this energy and thrive in an environment where it is negative.

Vicky carries out a space clearing ceremony to clear predecessor chi and negative imprints and any portals and earth energies that have spirit or ghostly attachments will be cleared at the same time to bring positive energy back into the living and work spaces.

Contact Vicky to book an energy clearing – tel: 01279 654129 mobile: 07885 945008 or email.

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Remote Dowsing

Vicky carries out distant healing on homes that are suffering with Geopathic Stress and unwanted spirit energies. Changing the energies in your home when it no longer harmonises with your own energy.

She has been very successful in cleansing homes and offices of negative energies, helping people to get their lives back on track when they have suffered bad luck, loss of income, redundancy, divorce, ill health and bankruptcy.

Vicky has succeeded in working with the energies within the home to change them for the better and release any negative energies therefore bringing peace and calm to the area and better luck for the owners of the homes/offices.

Vicky effectively clears ghosts and spirits from homes which attach themselves to Geopathic Stress in homes by using various methods.

Contact Vicky to book a remote dowsing consultation – mobile: 07885 945008 or email.

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