Animal Communication

Animal communication and animal healing - horses, dogs and other animalsFor a long time I found I had a natural affinity with animals and often found that animals were naturally drawn to me. I had a lifelong companion of a boxer dog called Prudence when I was young and we were best friends, going on bike rides everywhere together. I grew up with many dogs and cats who became my constant companions.

I am able to communicate with dogs, cats, horses and other animals and understand their feelings what they need, tell their owners what is wrong with them in many instances some pets needed healing. In once instance a horse had toothache and he had no way of expressing himself except to show his teeth and his stable keeper thought he was aggressive whereas he was just trying to show everyone that he had toothache!!

In another case a pet greyhound would not let anyone touch her head and after some remote animal healing on a photograph in another room, at the end of the session she came over to me before I left and nuzzled her head under my hands and then walked back to where she was sleeping.

I carry out healing remotely with a photograph or I can travel to see the pet or animal that is troubled if necessary.

To book an animal communication consultation with Vicky £95/hr tel: +(0)207 723 8932 mobile: 07885 945008 or email Vicky.