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Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress is where the earth’s energies have been disturbed by traumas to the earth’s energy field which resonates at 7.83hz which resonates with our own energy fields. When this is disturbed by house renovations, roadworks, mental hospital sites, war zones, drilling and digging any trauma then this can cause Geopathic Stress which is negative energy.

This negative energy can cause dis-ease in our homes and our bodies especially when our immune systems are low. It can make the effects of cancer, hyperactivity, ME, insomnia, drug abuse, diabetes and other debilitating diseases appear to be much worse and the medicines we take have no effect in curing the disease. If this is the case then it is worth dowsing your home for Geopathic Stress or other harmful earth energies that may be affecting your home especially where sleep and sit.

There are signs that you can look for with electrical breakdowns, where clutter gathers in your home, sometimes in a long line. There could be disputes with neighbours and runs of bad luck as well as sickness. There will be damp and mould, cracks in ceilings and walls and if you own a cat where two Geopathic Stress lines cross it will be their favourite sleeping place!!

There has been a lot of research into the subject of Geopathic Stress and other negative earth energies typically by Dr. Hartman and Dr. Curry, Dulwich Health and Kathie Bachler where they have researched into their patients’ sleeping positions and when the beds have been moved in 99% of the cases, the illness has improved.

Many homes and businesses can be affected by Geopathic Stress. As our bodies become more aware of these unseen energies then we learn not to be in homes, workplaces or shops and restaurants that have this negative energy. When this happens these houses do not sell and the businesses lose money.

If you find you are in a Geopathically Stressed house or office it would be advisable to get it diagnosed by dowsing. There are many remedies for these energies including earth acupuncture, using acupressure points on the earth’s meridians has been found to be very effective in harmonising these energies.

When working to harmonise these energies I ask for a floor plan of the home and the land to map dowse before I come to the property, sometimes remote work can be carried out very effectively. I also work with crystals and grids to great effect. Working on the Geopathic Stress energy is part of the Healthy Home survey which I carry out. Contact Vicky for an individual quotation phone mobile: 07885 945008 or email.

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Technopathic Stress

These days our homes are filled with man-made energies of modern technology with wireless phones with hub technology these can be lethal as they work on microwave technology and are constantly beaming a signal which can radiate up to 10ft and to the rooms above and below, where the hub unit is placed. It is advisable to revert back to wired technology and have a wired telephone.

Wifi is also detrimental to our health again working on microwave technology with radio beams running through our homes when the wifi is left switched on all day and night. It is advisable to switch off when not in use especially when sleeping at night. The best is not to use wifi technology at al and have a wired modem netgear is a good example or use ethernet technology which works on plugging into the electrical system of the house and so there can be many ports in the house which can be used by wired technology without wifi or Netgear Powerline for examples.

The latest technology that has come into our homes is the SMART meter which transmits constant microwaves as it transmits our meter readings constantly to the electric and gas companies, say NO to having this technology in your home its even worse than wifi and a hub phone as the radius can cover the whole house depending on the size of your home of course.

Many people are and have been affected by the radio transmission masts that have been erected all over our community spaces, in schools, car parks, garage signs, disguised as trees, flag poles and even church spires. The transmission from these masts have caused cancer, diabetes, Parkinsons and other diseases that affect our immune systems. In some people it will cause ill health to a lesser degree affecting your sleep patterns and or meaning you wake up with aches and pains Take a look at which shows where these masts are. Another website to look at is which gives updates on how to alleviate the effects of EMF and ELF’s in our homes.

Vicky carries out a survey with a professional meter from to locate EMF and ELF energy readings in our homes and is part of the Healthy Home Survey.

To book your healthy home consultation contact Vicky tel: 01279 654129- mobile: 07885 945008 or email.

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Space Clearing

Space Clearing harmonises and neutralises the energy in a space. It is important that the energy used and the intention put into programming the atmosphere will support the life you want.

Previous occupants of a house or office, that have experienced divorce, bad luck or bankruptcy is called ‘predecessor chi’, these negative energies remain in that space and can affect future occupants and businesses. To clear these energies for “history not to repeat itself”, space clearing the house or office and re-programming the atmosphere with your own good intentions, will encourage harmony, health and good relationships.

Negative energy can be felt in a room where people have been arguing, the same can be said if you walked into a room where people are happy and laughing the energy is positive. Space clearing cleanses and energises the space and removes stuck negative energy where it has built up in corners like “cobwebs”.

To ensure a fresh start, clearing the Geopathic Stress and then clearing the Space in which you live is important. Especially if Feng Shui enhancements are used such as wind chimes and crystals as these work on the energy that is already there and could cause further problems.

After space clearing, people feel better, more clarity in their lives, more energy and the house or office will feel brighter and happier and they will start experiencing better health and happiness in their lives.

Vicky will clear negative energies and harmonise geopathic stress bringing positive vibrations back into your home or office, making the space more energized and positive for good luck, marital bliss and a profitable business.

Clutter Clearing

Have you found you are stuck in a rut, life is not going as it should be – you may find that when you go through the front door it is cluttered with coats, shoes and old newspapers. If this is your Career area it will be symbolic of you not being able to move on in that job, or no job and no promotion.

If you have clutter in the centre of the home / office it will affect all areas of your life including health, relationships and wealth.

If your cupboards are full of old clothes, duplicate items – Vicky can help you sort out the clutter to make big changes in your life.

Even your garden is affected by clutter with old flowerpots, dead leaves and ponds that are dirty.

If anything needs fixing or not working mend or get rid of it this will affect that life area it could be your relationships area with no partner in your life!

Learn how clearing one little thing every day is more sustainable than binge-clearing a whole lot of things all at once. Identify what you are “holding on to” and let go and see the changes in your life.

To book a space clearing consultation contact:

tel: Vicky tel: 01279 654129 mob: +44(0)7885 945008 email:

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