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London is a River City

This was a Dowsing Artwork to dowse the unseen forgotten “old rivers” of London with artist Amy Sharrocks. The Artwork took in map dowsing and then walking six of the “old rivers” of London namely the Effra, Walbrook, Westbourne, Tyburn, Fleet and the Neckinger.

I did extensive work map dowsing for the source of each river down to the Thames, with the Tyburn there were “twin sources”. After the map dowsing came the actual locating of the source on site then following the route down to the Thames. Although I had map dowsed and marked a map which Amy held; once I had located the source I then proceeded to go with my “intuition” and “gnowing” to follow the source to the Thames. We were filmed by a Canadian TV company and the link is below on part of the Tyburn walk. (watch out for the advertising first)

Dowsing the River Tyburn in London

The Artwork took approximately 18 months to complete as some of the walks would take up to 5-6 hours. The website is

River Runs at Modern Art Oxford

I was asked to be part of the Artwork at Modern Art, Oxford by Tracey Warr. The website is: and the Dowsing work I carried out was to locate underground water under the Art building. We also found a document relating to the Brewery that had previously occupied the building which stated there had been 4 wells and one main well that never ran dry.

I believe I found the main well outside the Art building going into the delivery bay of Marks and Spencers where quite clearly they have made a little mini roundabout out of where the well would have once been.

Here is a link to the dowsing day: “

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Map of river Effra London

Source of river Tyburn

Map of river Tyburn London

Chalice well Glastonbury